Our Wonderful Cast & Production Team for Cinderella 2017

Georgina Lawless


Ben O’Beirne

Prince Charming

Simone Armstrong

Step Mother

Patrick Bracken


Rob Donnelly


Deirdre Quinn

Fairy Godmother

Brendan Kenny

Buttons & Director

Jessica Codd & Anna Kenny

Dance Captains

Aly Coyne


Avril O’Toole

Vocal Coach

Anna Kenny


The full cast of Cinderella 2017

Cinderella : Georgina Lawless
Prince Charming : Ben O’Beirne
Buttons: Brendan Kenny
Dandini: Anna Kenny
Tia: Patrick Bracken
Maria: Robert Donnelly
Stepmother: Simone Armstrong
Fairy Godmother: Deirdre Quinn

Director: Brendan Kenny
Choreographer: Aly Coyne
Dance Captains: Jessica Codd & Anna Kenny
Vocal Coach: Avril O’ Toole

We are all truly VERY excited for this year!!


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